Our Strategies

​​​To ensure we are living our strategic plan and advancing towards our 5 district goals, Rockford Public Schools has 9 strategies that focus our attention and improvement efforts. Those nine strategies are explained on this page, and their action plans will be updated regularly and linked below.

The district's strategic plan identifies five long-term goals and nine corresponding strategies that define the work of the district. Download a copy of the one page strategic plan here.

Strategy 1: Curriculum Alignm​ent

We will align curriculum with unit/course assessments across grade levels and schools to guarantee a rigorous, consistent set of learning expectations.

Strategy 2: Differentiated Instruction

We will differentiate instruction and provide additional time and support​ for students who are struggling and students who need to be challenged.

Strategy 3: Customer Service

We will improve customer service between the District and its families and its community to foster confidence, respect, and continuous improvement for the system.

Strategy 4: Social Emotional Health & Skills

We will ensure students develop socially and emotionally, feel safe and secure, make healthy choices, and develop skills to be productive citizens.

​Strategy 5: Facilit​i​es & Technology​
We will main​​tain facilities and integrate technology into our academic and operations systems to create a high-quality and innovative teaching, learning, and working environment. 

Strategy 6: Internal Trust & Relationships

We will build trust and improve relationships between the district office and its schools to foster a climate conducive to continuous improvement.

Strategy 7: Recruit & Develop

We will recruit, on-board, mentor, develop, evaluate, and retain employees who comprise a high-quality and diverse workforce.

Strategy 8: Monitor, Track, & Report

We will use key data indicators and measures with all employees that promote a culture of inquiry, reflection and action to assist individuals, teams, departments, schools and the district set goals and monitor, track, and report performance.

Strategy 9: Resource Allocation

We will proactively forecast and allocate resources that balance the needs of taxpayers and the community with the critical needs of fulfilling our mission and vision.

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