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 Summer Learning



Read in order to live.

                      -Gustave Flaubert



Reading is an important part of school and an important part of life.  We love it and we know you do, too.  There is almost nothing that will benefit a student more than reading and reading well.  In fact, we encourage our students to read, read, read.  It will help them, not only in school, but also in their future workplace and life.

That's why the Renaissance Academy continues its tradition of requiring summer reading for 2014.  Why?  Here are our Top Ten Reasons:

 Top Ten Reasons

Why Read?


Elementary School

At the Elementary School level, our emphasis this year is on developing good habits!  that means reading daily and studying math regularly.  Here are the resources we've shared with students so they're prepared for summer learning!

What is the Value of Summer Learning?

Washington Summer Learning


​Terrific Reading Apps - Wanderful ​​Interactive Storybook​s​

Middle School

At the Middle School Level, we want to make the summer reading expectations a shared experience.  We are providing students with one title that will be read over the summer by every student in the same grade.  When students return to school, teachers will have prepared classroom activities that are based on that book.  Each fall, it is a great way to reconnect with old friends and connect to new ones!  For your reading list, click on the link for the grade you will enter in the fall:

Summer Reading Grade 6

Summer Reading Grade 7

Summer Reading Grade 8


One more thing:  The high school has provided a list of books that have been referenced in the past on the Advanced Placement Literature exam.  The list is long and varied so there really is something for everyone.  Most adults will recognize the titles as timeless and significant.  Why not start with these on the quest to become "well read"?  The list in just below.

High School

As our program purposefully focuses on preparing students for a life of original thought, we endorse reading as a fundamental part of our instruction, one that we passionately believe plays a role in an intellectually dynamic life.  To read more:

Academy Summer Reading

AP Literature Readings

Here are the Summer Reading expectations and resources for the Gifted ​Academy at Auburn High School:

​​Ninth Grade​​Tenth Grade​Eleventh Grade​Twelfth Grade

Summer Reading 9

How to Mark a Book

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death


Types of Papers

Summer Reading 11Summer Reading 12



I must say that I find television very educational.  The minute that somebody turns it on, I go to the library and read a book.

-Groucho Marx​

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