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 ​School Programs and Educational Opportunities in Rockford, IL

At Rockford Public Schools, we appreciate the unique interests and talents of our students. We encourage students of all ages to explore and expand their individual aspirations through our diverse selection of programs, including high school academies, programs for gifted students, and two-way language immersion opportunities.STEAM Academy at Haskell students

High School Academies
Rockford students are ready for the future when they graduate, whether they're heading to college or the workforce. Our middle school students are already thinking about career possibilities. By high school, they create personal pathways to guide their education, and they choose the high school academy that best supports their plans.

Freshman Academy is designed specifically for ninth graders as they transition into high school. By the end of the year, students are ready to join one of several small learning communities to hone the skills they need for the future. Our options include the following focuses:

  • Business Academy
  • Production Academy
  • Health Academy
  • Service Academy

High school students may also audition for our Creative and Performing Arts Academy, and eligible students have the opportunity to join our Gifted Academy.

Special Programs
Rockford Public Schools offers programs and services for children of all ages, even pre-kindergarten students. Our early childhood programs include preschool classes, as well as home visits and screenings for children younger than 3. Our Maria Montessori program provides self-guided learning experiences to students in pre-k through eighth grade.

Rockford students may qualify for the Gifted Academy in kindergarten, and eligibility tests are administered every year for new applicants in subsequent grade levels. Our two-way language immersion program lets kindergarten through eighth-grade students learn and grow in a bilingual environment.

Haskell welcomes K-5 students from all over the district who are interested in a STEAM education. The STEAM Academy at Haskell integrates science and technology, interpreted through engineering and the arts, all based in mathematical elements.

All Rockford students have access to quality fine arts programs, and our creative and performing arts (CAPA) middle and high schools encourage older students to further explore these areas.

If you have specific questions about a particular program for your child, please contact us using Let's Talk!

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