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 Student Teaching & Observations

​​​​Why Student teach in Rockford Public Schools?
RPS 205 is an urban school district with approximately 29,000 students.  The opportunities that student teachers get in our buildings are ones that can well prepare an upcoming teacher to become the educational leader of their own classroom someday.  Additionally, student teaching in our classrooms give principals the first hand knowledge of the future teachers' skill sets for future hiring opportunities.

Student Teachers 
College/university students looking to complete student teaching hours in RPS 205 must contact the the recruitment office in Human Resources. The Recruitment Coordinator will facilitate potential placement of students.   If approved, the student must complete a criminal history background check through RPS205 (unless a student teacher can provide evidence of a criminal history background check conducted in the past 90 days) at the cost of $38.50, the responsibility of the student and payable at the time of the appointment. Once cleared, the school will be contacted and arrangements will be made between the principal and the student for a start date.​    ​

Students for Clinical Observation/Practicum
College/university students looking to complete clinical observation/practicum hours in RPS 205 must contact the school(s) directly.  The principal will determine if the request can be accommodated. If approved, the building principal will check the Illinois Sex Offenders Registry and the Illinois Murder and Violent Offender Against Youth Registry at the building level (no charge). Clinical observation/practicum students do not need to complete a criminal history background check.

These mandates are governed by the Illinois School Code and various public acts:
  • APPLICABLE SCHOOL CODE SECTIONS: 105 ILCS 5/10-21.9 105 ILCS 5/34-18.5 (CPS) 105 ILCS 5/2-3.25O
  • APPLICABLE PUBLIC ACTS P.A. 93-909 P.A. 94-945 P.A. 96-1452 P.A. 94-219 P.A. 94-994 P.A. 96-1489 P.A. 94-556 P.A. 95-351 P.A. 97-248 P.A. 94-875 P.A. 96-431 P.A. 97-607

Criminal History Background Check Guidance Document

To schedule a criminal history background check appointment, please contact Human Resources at 815-966-3145.​ 

How do I get a student teacher for my classroom?
The Rockford Public Schools has contracts with several colleges and universities for placement of student teachers.  The Human Resources Department staff attempts to accommodate requests for specific areas of study and dates of placement.

Potential student teachers or college/university placement coordinators contact school principals directly for identification of a supervising teacher.  Once a supervising teacher has been identified Human Resources the principal, or designee, will coordinate the agreement and placement information between the college coordinator and the supervising teacher.

Some of the participating colleges offer tuition waivers or vouchers as an incentive to work with student teachers.  The supervising teacher must contact Human Resources during the time he/she has a student teacher to indicate the he/she wants to use the waiver.  If the teacher does not want to use the waiver/voucher, it can then be used by other staff in the district.

Some colleges contact schools directly to recruit supervising teachers.  The buildi​ng principal may approve such a placement.  

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