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 Standards-Based System

Welcome to the Standards-Based Report Card webpage. Our district implements a complete standards-based philosophy and framework at the elementary levels. 

Traditionally, report cards reflect averages of academic performance. Standards-based grading identifies a learning standard and indicates whether or not a student is meeting the standard at a given point in the school year. A score of (3) is defined as meeting grade level standards and indicates that a student has demonstrated mastery of the skills that were expected to be learned. ​

  • A score of (4) would indicate that a student exceeds a standard by consistently demonstrating an advanced level of understanding and/or the ability to apply their knowledge at a higher level.
  • A score of (3) would indicate that a student has independently achieved the standard. The student demonstrates mastery of the standard.
  • A score of (2) would indicate that a student is developing an understanding of a standard, but still may be in need of additional instruction and/or support.
  • A score of (1) would indicate minimal understanding of a standard. The student shows limited evidence of understanding the standard.

Your child’s goal should be to meet or exceed the standards and benchmarks at their grade level by the end of their academic school year. As your child achieves proficiency (mastery), their scores may reflect 3s and 4s. Each child grows academically at his/her own rate. If your child sees a score of 2 on their school work or report card, it simply means that he/she may need additional time and practice to demonstrate proficiency of the standard, benchmark, or skill. ​

Grade level report cards and explanation booklets for parents are available on this site. Your child's teacher and principal are excellent resources to assist you with any questions regarding your child’s learning, growth, and progress. The Rockford Public School’s Curriculum Department is also an excellent resource for you if you have further questions regarding the district curriculum, assessment, and/or the state adopted standards. All of us at Rockford Public Schools are committed to work alongside you in guaranteeing your child receives a positive learning experience.

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