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Rockford Public Schools provides a variety of extracurricular experiences to enhance the development of our students. We maintain academics as a priority, with athletics serving as a tool to help advance and enhance student athletes in the classroom and prepare them for successful futures. We make every effort to offer our student-athletes the best coaching, facilities and equipment to help make their experiences positive.​

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Mat ParkerDirector of
Rose MandujanoExecutive Assistant815-966-3066 ext.
Abby ComptonAthletic Support
Darrin SiskJefferson Athletic Director815-874-9536 ext.
Gary GriffinEast Athletic Director815-229-2110 ext.
Brad PembertonAuburn Athletic
Augie ToldoGuilford Athletic Director815-654-4870 ext.
Allan MeyerBarbour Athletic Director815-490-4​
Katie CorkenKennedy Athletic
Jeff MondtLincoln Athletic
Kelly EllingsonEisenhower Athletic
Christina KobloshFlinn Athletic
Matt KurtzMarshall Athletic Director815-490-5400 ext.
Sommar NorrlanderRESA Athletic
Hannah DetiveauxWest Athletic
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