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September 10, 2020

Follow this link to view a calendar that illustrates what the second week of school, Sept. 14-18, will look like for elementary, middle and high school students.

August 31, 2020

Back-to-school plans are outlined in six blog posts with videos from Superintendent Ehren Jarrett and helpful graphics on the 205 VIBE. Take a closer look at the first week of school for:

Follow this link to read the updated back-to-school Family Handbook in English. The handbook includes updates or new information in the following areas:

  • FAQs link (page 4)

  • Learning plans: Can I update my choice? (page 4)

  • Wednesday learning (pages 9-11)

  • What elementary families can expect (pages 9-10)

  • Face masks (pages 17-18)

  • Health screenings (pages 19-20)

  • Handling suspected/confirmed positive Cases of COVID-19 (page 20)

  • Classroom cleaning (page 22)

  • Device distribution (page 25)

  • Visitor, volunteer & PTO guidelines (page 27)

If you have questions or concerns, please share them via Let's Talk.

August 30, 2020

A technology outage is driving RPS 205 to delay the start of school from Wednesday, Sept. 2, until Tuesday, Sept. 8. Click here for full details of the delayed start.

August 26, 2020

Child Care Options

Please visit the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Department web page for information about additional child care options for the upcoming school year. We are still working with community organizations to develop child care plans, and we'll update the FACE page as more details are finalized. 

August 21, 2020

Follow this link to read the Aug. 21 Back-to-School Update from Superintendent Ehren Jarrett.

In the updated plan, Wednesdays will be early dismissal days for ALL elementary students who chose in-person instruction, instead of Wednesday attendance potentially fluctuating from week to week.

That means all K-5 students who chose in-person instruction will participate in what we’re calling What I Need Wednesdays, or WIN Wednesdays, beginning Wednesday, Sept. 23. Wednesdays will focus on intervention for students who need support, and additional rigor for students who are excelling.

August 12, 2020

Follow this link to read the Aug. 12 Back-to-School Update from Superintendent Ehren Jarrett. The update includes:

August 7, 2020

Follow this link to read the Aug. 7 Back-to-School Update from Superintendent Ehren Jarrett. The update includes:

  • information about class sizes for the upcoming school year
  • a preliminary breakdown of students choosing in-person vs. full-time remote instruction
  • news that the district will add a half-day remote-only option for all Early Childhood students, not only those with a medical exemption

Follow this link for updated information in the back-to-school Family Handbook. (Click to view Spanish handbook.)The handbook includes updates or new information in the following areas: 

  • Athletics and extracurricular activities (page 8)
  • Special education (page 11)
  • Hall lockers (page 13 & 14)
  • Temperature screenings (page 16)
  • HVAC (page 17) 
  • Consideration for warm weather (page 17)
  • Fine Arts (page 21)
  • 2020-21 school start times (page 23)
  • Emergency drills (page 23)
  • Lunch (page 24)

July 29, 2020

RPS 205 families and staff, 

Thank you for your patience and support as we finalize plans for the 2020-21 school year. Follow the links below for the latest information:

Find the latest information on, including plan updates and new FAQs each week. Please submit questions via Let’s Talk!


Superintendent Ehren Jarrett
Rockford Public Schools

July 24, 2020

RPS 205 parents & guardians,

You will be asked to complete an electronic survey next week to make your choice for either full-time remote instruction or in-person instruction for the upcoming school year. In that same survey, you will be asked if your students(s) needs transportation for the upcoming school year. The survey will launch on Wednesday, July 29, and the deadline to submit responses is Monday, Aug. 3. Read full survey details.

July 16, 2020

District administrators, teachers and staff are developing plans to keep students and staff safe as we resume school this fall. We haven’t finalized all the details, but we want to tell families and staff what we’re planning when school starts Sept. 1.

Families will have options. Families can choose to return to in-person instruction, or they can choose full-time remote learning:

  • In-person instruction: Students and staff will attend school within the health and safety guidelines outlined by the Illinois State Board of Education, Winnebago County Health Department, Illinois Department of Public Health and the CDC. This includes masks and social distancing whenever possible. 
  • Full-time remote learning: We know families have various health and risk factors during this pandemic, and we want to ensure students are still able to learn, connect and grow during this time. That’s why we’re giving families a choice to participate in full-time remote learning five days a week. Families who choose the remote option must commit only to remote learning at least through winter break. 

Learn more about the back-to-school plans from Rockford Public Schools from Superintendent Ehren Jarrett: read a message from Dr. Jarrett, or watch a video that breaks down options for families.

We will share more details about our plans later this month, including how families can choose remote or in-person learning options. We know you’ll have other questions, and we want to make sure we answer them when we share more detailed information. Please submit questions via Let’s Talk!

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