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 FAQs: Remote Instruction

new!  What happens after the first semester or trimester? Can students return to in-person learning? Will they be with their first semester/trimester teachers and classmates?
Prior to the end of the first trimester/first semester, the district will announce plans for the second trimester/second semester. Plans will depend on guidance from the state Winnebago County Health Department and the CDC.

Will teachers be required to livestream all classes for students who choose virtual instruction? 
No, teachers will not livestream classes to remote-only students. Remote instruction will occur through video or audio recordings, small groups to meet virtually with teachers, and opportunities for students to practice on their own with digital and non-digital activities in between those connections with others.

How will grading work?
Students will continue to receive feedback and grades as they progress through remote learning.  Instruction will contain new content for learning, and student work will be measured on a weekly basis through ongoing progress monitoring and checkpoints for assessment. Teachers will use digital tools and platforms that encourage engagement and two-way communication.

Since many of the conditions that were present during remote learning which caused students to withdraw, not engage in learning, become depressed, etc. will still be present (lack of socialization, isolation, etc), how will those students who refuse to come to school, or log in for a virtual lesson, be evaluated for grades?
We know that social and emotional toll on students and staff from spring closure until now has been significant. We are implementing district-wide support for wellness to mitigate those conditions, but our remote instructional plans have also placed a tremendous emphasis on ensuring as much social connection as possible. Video conferencing, recordings and group work will be embedded into our expectations for both students and staff to address those factors.

While the fourth quarter of the last school year was “hold harmless,” meaning student grades could not decline, the fall semester will be different. Students who choose remote learning and do not participate will not pass their classes. 

As the guidelines make it clear a school may need to return to remote learning at any time, will you provide prep time to teachers in order to prepare for this?
Yes, staff have been hard at work creating and coordinating hundreds of opportunities for professional learning throughout the summer to help support teachers in preparing for these instructional shifts.  Staff will also have time during teacher institute days to participate in professional development around these items, and opportunities will continue through the fall. A curriculum review has already been completed to ensure that content students may have missed due to spring closure can be recaptured to address learning loss. Students and staff will be working with better, more robust digital tools and resources during periods of in-person instruction in case we need to move to remote instruction at any point this school year.

How will students who require IEP services receive them and other related services remotely?
Students with IEP services will receive instruction and related services remotely. If a family chooses remote learning, they are choosing remote special education services.

Will there be actual "face-to-face" time in remote learning?
Remote instruction will include approximately two hours of synchronous instruction (students learn along with their classmates and teacher), and about 3 hours of asynchronous instruction (students work at their own pace/on their own). Contact your child’s teacher for instruction/check-in times. 

If you choose remote learning for your child, can you switch to in-person once a vaccine is developed?
Students and teachers who choose one option (remote or in-person) will be required to remain in that option for first trimester (elementary) or first semester (secondary) unless a medical reason arises. We do not anticipate a vaccine will be readily available to all students and staff before those points in time. 

What additional support will be available if a child who chooses remote learning needs a tutor?
If a student needs a tutor, please work with your child’s teacher to determine what support can be provided. 

What will the at-home days for A/B cohorts for middle and high school be like?
Five hours of daily remote instruction will be required of any students on the days they are not in the building (five hours will also be required of families that choose remote instruction).  Remote days will include teacher instruction and virtual small group work, as well as independent practice.

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