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 FAQs: Waivers

​Will students sign a waiver protecting staff in the event a student gets sick while in their class? 
No. The Illinois School Code and the Tort Immunity Act provides for the school to indemnify and defend negligence claims that may be brought related to COVID against staff.

Will families need to sign waivers of disclosure if they’ve been exposed or tested?
Contact tracing measures are in place related to students/staff who have been exposed or tested. We’re working closely with the Winnebago County Health Department and will rely on their support and expertise.

Will staff be required to sign waivers promising not to hold the district/school responsible if they get sick?
No. Staff are not required to sign waivers.

I don’t want my child to wear a mask. Can parents/guardians sign a waiver or liability form that says we take responsibility for our child potentially getting sick?
No. Wearing a mask is not only to help prevent a student from getting sick, it is to help prevent others from getting sick from the student who may or may not be asymptomatic. The district will provide reasonable accommodations to students who are certified by a medical provider as being unable to wear a mask. Such accommodations may include a face shield or remote learning. All other students who are able to wear a mask but refuse to do so will be assigned full-time remote learning. 

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