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 FAQs: Fall 2020 Visitor, Volunteer & PTO Guidelines

What is the protocol for any non-staff individuals who enter the building, such as parents, coaches or substitute staff, for example?
School staff should encourage parents to only visit if they are picking up a sick child or for other reasons that are pertinent. All visitors must sign in and be recorded for contact tracing purposes. All visitors should have their temperature checked upon arrival.  

Are tutors/volunteers/visitors allowed to enter the schools?  
Personnel deemed to be essential to ensure the continued education of students will be provided access to school buildings. Essential staff includes RPS 205-employed lunch aides and tutors. Visitor access will be limited and granted on an as-needed basis. 

What type of events will be allowed at the schools?
In-person family events at the school will be limited. Back-to-school events, for example, must happen with social distancing guidelines enforced, and all participants must wear a mask. 

What will monthly PTO and other parent group meetings look like?
Meetings cannot be held inside school buildings. Meetings should be arranged outside of the school building and be virtual anytime possible.  

How should PTOs effectively communicate with families since they are unable to connect at registration?  
Work with the building leadership team to determine the best way to communicate through families. Some ideas -- in addition to Peachjar -- are text, email, school Facebook pages and seesaw. 

Will schools be able to host fundraisers where items are shipped to the school and sent home, such as World’s Finest Chocolate or butter braids?
Fundraisers should include online sales only, and no person-to-person sales.  

Will parents be allowed to bring tasks home from teachers who need help? This would include tasks like cutting items at home.
Teachers and staff should not assign tasks to PTO groups that involve taking items to parents’ homes. The CDC provides guidelines on how long the virus lives on surfaces. Any paperwork that goes back and forth should be quarantined on both ends for a minimum of four days.

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