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 FAQs: Transportation

new!  How and when will parents/guardians know if district-provided transportation is not guaranteed?
Families who request district-provided transportation will receive it. The Transportation Department will send out emails when schedules and routes are finalized. Families can also look in the Home Access Center when reviewing their student’s schedule. 

new!  If transportation is unavailable, can a family switch to remote learning?
Families who request district-provided transportation will receive it, based on the number of families who are choosing remote learning options.

new!  My family is able to provide alternative transportation for my children, but they all have the same or similar start times. This will cause at least one of my students to be late each day. Will they face consequences for being tardy?
Schools will continue to follow established tardy policies. Please contact your building principal if you have specific concerns. 

new!  Will the district still provide transportation for students who are typically assigned a bus via Sunrise?
Yes, the district will continue to provide transportation to families who request it. Students with transportation in their IEP will continue to ride Sunrise. ​

How will buses be cleaned/sanitized?
School bus drivers use a disinfectant spray after morning routes are completed and the driver returns the bus to transportation headquarters. Staff will deep-clean buses each afternoon following after-school routes.

Will bus drivers be able to take students' temperatures at their bus stops prior to getting on the bus to avoid them even coming to school if they have a fever? 
No. Parents must ensure that their child is not sick with a fever or have any COVID-19 symptoms before they leave home to board the bus. All students will be required to wear face coverings or masks on the bus. 

With 48 students on a bus, how can students remain six feet apart?
Students will not be able to maintain six feet of distance between each other. Students will be required to wear masks on the bus.

Will there be an aide on every bus to monitor distancing and mask use, since the bus driver will be focused on driving? 
No additional adults will be on the bus. Students will be assigned seats, sit two-to-a seat and wear a mask at all times. Students will not be separated by physical distance on the bus, which is why masks are required. Bus capacity will be limited; buses will only have 48 students assigned to each route. 

What guidelines will be required for students who ride Sunrise buses?
We don’t know yet if or how Sunrise bus capacity will change. Drivers will not collect student temperatures. Drivers will have the right to refuse transportation to school if a student is showing COVID-19 symptoms. All students will be required to wear a face covering or mask. 

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