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 Volunteer in Our Academies

​Join an Alignment Rockford working team. Alignment Rockford’s working teams are made up of various community members and school district personnel. These teams meet regularly in a collaborative environment to design solutions and implement pilot programs to support specific school district outcomes.

Become an Academy Support Team member. Academy Support Team (AST) members serve as ambassadors to connect the community with teachers and students as a positive advocate for the academies in the community. Responsibilities of ASTs may include:

  • Provide Curriculum Guidance - Share with staff the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to succeed in your career so teachers can incorporate these needs into their instruction.

  • Support Equitable Resource Allocation - Work with teachers to evaluate their teaching resources (equipment, materials, facilities, guest speakers, etc.) to ensure all students and teachers have consistent support from the district and the community.

  • Recruit Community Members - Share the opportunity to advance the teaching and learning which occurs in our schools by inviting your colleagues and other career experts you know to join the ASTs and serve as guest speakers, mentors, etc.

  • Develop Project Ideas - Sharing projects which you encounter in your work so teachers can provide students with similar experiences within their courses. For example: providing a car for restoration which can be used to connect a student’s language arts, math, social studies, and science with their automotive courses.

Host a Booth at the Academy Expo. Host a booth at our annual career demonstration event. Over 2,000 freshmen students attend the event to learn more about regional career opportunities to help them choose an Academy.

Host a site visit at your business/organization. Host a 90-minute site visit for groups of 10th grade students, providing a facility tour and overview of the careers available within your business or organization.

Host a job shadow at your business/organization. Host a 4-5 hour job shadow experience for a small group of students. The job shadow experience would showcase one or two specific careers and allow students to participate in an activity associated with a career.

Host a workshop for senior students. Support students by hosting a one-time workshop on communication etiquette; professionalism; collaborative discussions and teamwork; project management; or how to deliver an effective presentation.

Be a guest speaker. Speak to students about the path to your career, including but not limited to your education, career trajectory, or current job responsibilities.

Participate in mock interviews and/or project evaluations. As needed, listen and evaluate student projects and/or participate in mock interviews.

Connect students to a community service experience. Provide students access to volunteer opportunities.  

Questions about these volunteer opportunities?

Contact Jessica Hayes at 779-774-4389 or

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