​​​​​Designing, building, and maintaining structures, devices, systems, materials, and processes through a combination of scientific, economic, social and practical knowledge and skills in order to solve problems to improve the world around us

Potential Careers in Engineering
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Agricultural engineer
  • Analytical chemist
  • Architectural engineer
  • Astrophysicist
  • Biomedical engineer
  • CAD technician
  • Civil engineer
  • Computer programmer
  • Ecologist
  • Electrical engineer
  • Geologist
  • Geothermal engineer
  • Math teacher
  • Metallurgist
  • Quality engineer
  • Robotics engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Statistician
  • Structural engineer
  • Survey technician
  • Systems engineer
  • Electronics technician
  • Engineering technician

High School Pathway Courses     (s) = semester     

GradeEssential Pathway Courses
(select one each year)

​Examples of Local Post-Secondary Degrees ​
Associate's Degree
Associate in Engineering Science
Rock Valley College​​

Bachelor’s Degree
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Master’s Degree
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Northern Illinois University
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