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 Theatre Performing Arts

​​​​​​​​​As students develop and progress through the rigor of the technical, emotional and social elements of theatre, CAPA Theatre Performing Arts Pathway aims to provide students with an opportunity to participate in multiple components of a theatrical production in order to create a comprehensive understanding of the essential elements each component provides. Students will develop world views by exploring dramatic literature that is representative of various cultural perspectives. Their training will lay the pre-professional groundwork that will provide them with the skills necessary to continue their artistic pursuits at prestigious universities and conservatories.

Potential Careers in Theatre Performing Arts

  • Actor
  • Children’s theatre director
  • Critic
  • Director
  • Performer
  • Playwright
  • Theatre Teacher
  • Historian
  • Voiceover artist 
  • Dramaturg
  • Arts administrator
  • Drama Therapy
High School Pathway Courses    (s) = semester
​Grade ​​Essential Pathway Courses (select one each year)
Recommended Electives
Examples of Post-Secondary Degrees
Associate's Degree
Associate of Arts Degree, Emphasis​ in Theatre Performance
Rock Valley College

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Theatre Studies and Performance
Rockford University​​, Northern Illinois University, Western Illinois University

Master's Degree
Master of Fine Arts, Acting or Directing
Northern Illinois University​, Illinois State University​Western Illinois University
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