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 Music Performance & Production

​​​As students develop and progress through the rigor of the technical, emotional and social elements of music. We ensure that our students are ready for the challenges they will meet in post secondary education by requiring courses in music fundamentals and applied music. Our major ensembles include string orchestras, Jazz ensembles, wind ensembles, vocal ensembles as well as premier audition-only chamber ensembles. As performance is such an important aspect of the program, students will have numerous opportunities to be a part of solo and ensemble events and compe​ti​tions several times each year.

Potential Careers in Music Performance and Production

  • Audio recording engineer
  • Composer
  • Vocalist​
  • Instrumentalist
  • Educator
  • Entertainment lawyer
  • Music distributor 
  • Producer
  • Music therapist
  • Sound engineer
  • Studio engineer
  • Music journalist
  • Musicologist ​
  • Artistic director
  • Artistic manager
  • Public relations specialist

High School Pathway Courses    (s) = semester

Grade ​​Essential Pathway Courses (select one each year)
Recommended Electives
Examples of Post-Secondary Degrees
Associate's Degree
Associate of Arts, Emphasis in Music Performance

Rock Valley College

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Music
Rockford University​, Northern Illinois University

Master's Degree
Master of Fine Arts in Music Performance
Northern Illinois University
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