​​​​​​​​As students develop and progress CAPA Dance is dedicated to providing a broad education that challenges the students artistically, intellectually and physically and to prepare qualified students for college, conservatory and professional careers in dance and related professions. The department develops artistic and creative potential through a sequentially developed curriculum in both technical and theoretical dance courses. Students acquire the basic principles of choreography and a broader understanding of other art forms and their relationship to dance. Students are provided with numerous performance opportunities including community involvement.

Potential Careers in Dance​

  • Artistic director
  • Choreographer
  • Rehearsal director
  • Dancer
  • Dance administrator
  • Studio owner
  • Dance teacher
  • Dance/movement therapist
  • Dance technologist
  • Physical The​rapist
  • Masseuse/Masseur
  • Personal trainer
  • Researcher
  • Public relations director
  • Dance notator
  • Occupational therapist

High School Pathway Courses    (s) = semester

​Grade ​​Essential Pathway Courses​ (select one each year)
Recommended Electives
Examples of Post-Secondary Degrees
Associate's Degree
Associate of Arts
Rock Valley College

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor of Fi​ne Arts Degree in Dance
Northern Illinois University, Illinois State University​, University of Illinois, Western Michigan University
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