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 Student Records Policies

​​​​Student Records Policies

  • ​Student records will be sent within five business days of receiving the completed request form and the proper fees.​
  • Student records will not be released if any fees/fines are owed to any of the Rockford Public Schools.
  • Student records will only be released to parents if the student is under the age of 18. If student is over the age of 18, he/she must request his/her own student records.
  • Student records will be released to former students upon presenting an original, current ID. Name must be pre-printed to be acceptable. Acceptable ID's are as follo​ws:​
    • Birth Certificate
    • Blue Slip
    • Court Order
    • Driver's License
    • Medicare Card
    • Military Drivers License
    • Military ID Card
    • Passport (must be valid)
    • Paycheck Stub
    • Social Security Card
    • State ID Card
    • Utility Bill
    • Vehicle Registration​
    • Voter Registration

Please note:​

  • An ID is required whether your request for student records is done in person, by mail or fax.​
  • Student records will be sent to the address on the ID unless you provide proof of residency.
  • Personal checks will not be accepted for payment if the address on the ID and the address on the check do not match.
  • Student records will only be issued to attorneys that present a Court Order. Subpoenas will be reviewed, but they are not considered official documents.
  • If someone else is paying the fee for you, you must fax the Authorization for Release of Records Authorization for Release o​f Records​ directly to the Student Records Department. It will not be accepted from the person paying the fee.
  • Individuals can also request ​official transcripts on​.  As you enter the site, please sign in as a Rockford Public Schools​ studentThe website is self-explanatory and user friendly.  If you have to pay, it would be through debit or credit.  If you need your transcript sent to a college, for many higher education facilities in the Midwest, there is no charge as it is paid for by ISBE funding. Official transcripts can be sen​t to any location, including your home address.
  • Any students who graduated from West High School cannot order transcripts through this site. Please refer to other ways to obtain transcripts on this page; or you may call the Student Records office, 815-966-3284​.
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