​​​Elementary Enrollment K-5
​Student Assignment Specialists at the Welcome Center work with families to enrol​l all new and returning elementary students ​to RPS 205 under the Elementary School Assignment Plan. Children are assigned to schools based upon zones (residential address of their parent/guardian). Click here to look up your zone school.​

Student Assignment Specialists enroll​ the children into their zone school and process applicable transportation assignments. After enrollment the parent/guardian must go the assigned school to register​ the student, receive a classroom assignment and supply lists, and pay fees/pagar ​quotas​Children who are offered placement in any RPS 205 Special Programs in the elementary ​​schools are also enrolled and/or assigned through the Welcome Center. 

Elementary Bilingual Enrollment

Children who regularly hear or speak a language other than English must complete a language assessment by a licensed specialist in the Welcome Center. After the assessment, the specialist will present all enrollment options to the student’s guardian.​​

Special Education Enrollment
A copy of the IEP (Individualized ​Education Program) for a new or returning elementary student who receives Special Education Services will be sent to the Executive Director of Special Education for determination of eligibility, school placement and special transportation, if required. If the parent or guardian has a copy of the student's IEP paperwork or a copy of a student's 504 Plan, bring them when enrolling ​the student. 

Students who receive Special Education services can be served at any ​​RPS 205 elementary school. Students who receive self-contained Special Education services are assigned to a school where their specific eligibility needs can be met. Each elementary school has been assigned a Special Education supervisor to assist parents with Special Education concerns. 

Day Care

Transportation is available for identified day care facilities assigned to an elementary school. The day care facility must meet Transportation Department​ eligibility.​ ​Click here for a list of day cares.

Bus Transportation
Busing will continue to conform to state law, which requires free transportation for students living more than 1.5 miles from their assigned school. Follow this ​link to visit the RPS 205 Transportation page.

What to bring for Enrollment​
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