About Mr. Taden

​​​​​         SandwichMy name is Mr. Matthew Taden and I am beginning another year as an art teacher.  This is the start of my seventh year as a professional educator and my first full year as the Visual Arts teacher at the CAPA Program at West Middle School!  I enjoy teaching and learning along side my students and peers.  I get to combi​ne two things I love doing: ART and TEACHING!  Although I take my career and responsibility of growing young artists very seriously, I consider myself relaxed, easy to humor, and somewhat strange.  I tend to find positivity, humor, interest, and significance in many situations and settings. I look for and appreciate the aesthetic and design qualities in EVERYTHING in my life. I find the beauty in EVERYTHING.  I am also​ an avid Chicago sports fan! ​                                   Go HAWKS!     Go SOX!     Go BEARS!     Go BULLS!

A little about where I came from...I went to elementary school through seventh grade in the small town of Burlington, Illinois, a little west of Chicago. I attended eighth grade  through senior year in a town just south of the Illinois capitol, Springfield.

I have an Associates Degree in Arts from Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Illinois and a Bachelors of Science in Art Education from Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois.

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