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 Ms. Youngren - English & Social Studies

Teacher Introduction

Dear Parents and Students.

I am so proud to announce that this will be my 19th year teaching at Lincoln Middle School. I began my career here in 6th grade, which I taught for six years. I then had the opportunity to move into this 8th grade English position. I am now entering my 13​th year as an Eighth grade English teacher and I am looking forward to this upcoming year.

I will spend quite a bit of time at the beginning of the year discussing policies that will take place in the classroom and in the building. First and foremost, it is important that students follow the uniform policy. I enforce wearing the correct uniform in the classroom and students will be sent to administration if they are not in compliance. Also, a tardy will be given to any student that can't make it to class on time. Tardiness is also handled by administration.

I ask that backpacks/book bags are left in lockers. I want students to show up to class with materials for this class only. I have found that backpacks/book bags have only been a distraction in the classroom. Backpacks/book bags must be returned to the locker which may result in a tardy. Students will be expected to bring their English binder or folder to class, to hold materials handed out in class. No cell-phones, headphones, or electronics are to be brought into the classroom. Computers will be provided for the students so there is no need for cell-phones or other electronic devices. The items may be taken away if used during class. If it is continuous, parents will be notified or administration involvement may be necessary. Since computers will be provided, it is the student's responsibility to care for and use it cautiously. If students are found to be using personal websites, their privilege may be taken away. Much of what we do in class will be on Google Drive so participation will be important and if the student is not allowed to use a school computer, they will fall behind or lose participation points.

Students are given an agenda. This agenda is not only for writing down assignments, but the agenda also provides hall passes for the students. If the student does not have the agenda, they will not have a hall pass. Please check your student's agenda regularly.

I would like to provide a quick checklist for success in English this year.

_____  Students and Parents check Parent Portal regularly.

_____  Log onto my teacher website for weekly instructions and assignments. ( on the Lincoln page, teacher sites, then find Youngren)

_____  Please e-mail me if you questions or concerns. (

_____ View the student's Google Drive periodically. Their drive will have assignments, along with dates, and teacher responses. It is a great tool to use and most, if not all, high schools are using Google Drive. I know it is new to most students and parents, but I will be happy to help assist using Google Drive in any way I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I am looking forward to a fun and successful year.

Mrs. Kelly Youngren


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