Mrs. Whitehouse: Science

Oct 7 (Wednesday):   Completed notes with teacher additives... and STUDY GUIDE FOR TEST ON FRIDAYANSWERS for graph.pdf (look for study guide in the attachment)

Oct 6 (Tuesday):  Introduction to Environmental Unit.. Start on Data collection of Population Density intro to kwl insect volume lab.pdf

Oct 5 (Monday):   Wrapping up graphingfinishing up graphing.pdf  Will collect homework/class work on Tues. for 100 points.    Test on FRIDAY..Study guide to come

Sept. 30 (Tuesday):  Classroom assessment of graphing collected data in tennis ball labgraphing packet begins with bluing drops.pdf

Sept. 29 (Monday):  Graphing Independent​/Dependent data while collecting their own data resultsliquid bluing graph results.pdf

Sept 23 (Wednesday):   Introduction to the graphing components graphing componants.pdf

Sept 22 (Tuesday):  Test on Unit 1

Sept 21 (Monday):  Please use your study guide and completed bellringers to study for the test on Tuesday

Sept 18 (Friday):  Completed the 3 sided graph using Mass, Volume and Density of various materials in a Styrofoam boat.  What floats your boat?????  The answer is AIR at .0013 g/cm3.  Also, each student is aware (documented in the Assignment notebook)  That there will be a test on Tuesday.  See attachment for study guide.....And PLEASE JOIN the website for updates on tests, quizzes and projects. 


 September 17 (Thursday):   Completed the Volumes of fun lab using various materials to find their density.

Now we will graph our data graph for VOLUMES of FUN.pdf Bell ringers bell ringers last one before test.pdf


September 15, (Tuesday): Review of Monday's Density practice sheet using the BELLRINGER....

                                         We then are beginning the application of density in our VOLUMES OF FUN

                                          bell ringer and volumes of fun.pdf

 September 14 (Monday)   Introduce Density of various object and the formula D=M/V.  Practice

density.pdf     And as an exit ticket answer:  What did you learn about water using mL, cm3 and grams? 

                                                                       Now look at the graph.  What does the graph tell us?

September 11 (Friday):  Measurement Notes, Sink or Float (using mass/cm3) and Exit Ticket

measurement notes and materials g cm3.notebook


Sept 8 (Monday): Parent Portal Assignment; Triple Beam Balance Practice; Mass of Water 1cm3=1ml=1gram of water

Parent Portal Triple Beam Balance Mass of Water.pdf  and Triple Beam and Water Lab.pdf

Sept 4 (Friday) :  FIND THE VOLUME OF A LIQUID: 1cm3 (solid) = 1mL (liquid)  LAB:  VOLUME of CUPS using Water mL cc.pdf

Sept 2 (Wednesday)  REMIND.pdf

Sept 1 (TUESDAY)  Mass vs. volume lab.pdf 

  • AUG 28 (FRIDAY)  measure a box.pdf  Improve skills in measurement:  Find the VOLUME/CM3 of the boxes within class

AUG 27 (THURSDAY) Current Event Sheet CurrentEvents.pdf

                               Current FORMAT C.Event where to get info.pdf


Measurement notes materials g cm3 and exit ticket.pdf  Dear Parents and Students intro letter.pdf






















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