Mister Johnsen's Math Class


​Mr. Johnsen has been your student's FAVORITE math teacher at Lincoln since 2006. 

You may e-mail anytime trevor.johnsen@rps205.com

"The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics."

8th Grade Core Math class (fourth hour and sixth hour)

Students will receive TWO homework assignments per week, always due on Friday​

Homework #1 HW-1.pdf

Homework #2 HW-2.pdf (Homework 1 & 2 due 8/31/18)

Homework #3

Homework #4


​8th Grade Honors Algebra 1 class (first hour & fourth hour)

Students will usually ​receive​ 4 assignments per week, always due on Friday

the blue textbook is viewable online at ebooks.cpm.org

Assignment 1 - Page 14 #15-24 due 8/31/18

Assignment 2 - Page 19 #28-32 due 9/7/18



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