About Our School

Lincoln Middle School was built in 1925. Over the years it has played host to some famous Americans, 
including Olympic Bronze Medalist Janet Lynn, who competed in the 1968 and 1972 Olympics, and
John B. Anderson, 1980 U.S. Presidential candidate. Lincoln houses 6th, 7th and 8th graders employing the Middle School Concept.

What makes our school unique? 
Lincoln Middle School is located close to Rockford, Illinois' central city next to SwedishAmerican Hospital. 
This is one of the most diversely populated areas of the city. Our student body reflects that diversity.
We have approximately 45 professional staff who are committed to providing the best possible environment 
and education for our 700+ students. Our support staff of counselors, parent liaisons, staff developers, 
social worker, psychologist, and student success coordinator and counselor works diligently providing 
services for our students and parents.

Academic Subjects
Lincoln offers a full academic program where the students are grouped in "teams" as part of the 
Middle School Concept.

Library/Information Center (Hours: 8:35-3:45pm) 
Over the past decade our library has continually been in the forefront in computer technology and electronic 
retrieval of information. As technology has advanced we have upgraded our equipment and software to offer 
our students and faculty greater access to up-to-date electronic information. We now have our T1 line for 
connection to the Internet and automating library functions.

Students with Hearing Impairments 
The Rockford Hearing Impairment program has been located at Lincoln Middle School since 1988. 
Students come to Lincoln from all over the Northern Illinois Area (Rockford, Freeport, Durand, Beloit, 
Harvard, Kirkland, Rochelle). Students' hearing losses range from "mildly hard-of-hearing" to "profoundly deaf." 
Students and teachers communicate using Total Communication (voice, sign language, facial/body expression). 
Students with hearing impairments join their hearing classmates to varying degrees in academic, Electives, 
and P.E. classes. The H.I. staff consists of two teachers, two interpreters, a counselor, speech therapist, 
and audiologist. Enrollment varies.

Testing Links

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