​Introduction to BIST

Kennedy Middle School has implemented a student management program known as BIST (Behavior Intervention Support Team). The purpose of this system is to help students manage their own behavior in a way that does not interfere with their own learning and the learning of others. Through BIST, we aim to bring about lasting changes in students’ attitudes toward themselves and others around them so that they can:

•Be productive students in the classroom

•Be in control of their own behavior

•Find acceptable solutions to their problems

 Goals for Students

  1. I can make good choices even if I am mad.
  2. I can be okay even if others are not okay.
  3. I can do something even if I don't want to.


B.I.S.T. Steps

The following steps may be taken to help students become accountable for their actions when they choose not to follow classroom rules and gain the skills they need to be successful.

1. Safe Seat

The safe seat is a designated area in the student’s regular classroom. It is intended to provide a safe place for students where inappropriate behavior can be prevented or stopped. The student can begin taking responsibility for their actions while continuing academic course work.

2. Buddy Room

The Buddy Room is a safe seat in a classroom other than the student’s assigned classroom where they may be assigned if the acting out does not stop in the original safe seat.

3. Refocus Center

The Refocus Center is a safe place for students who are having difficulty controlling their behavior to the extent that the regular classroom and/or Buddy Room are not the safest place for them.

4. Team Focus

A student can be assigned to a classroom for the entire day when the student has not processed with a teacher or when they are not responding to his/her plan.

5. Processing

This is the mandatory discussion the student and teacher have after the student behaves inappropriately. They discuss what happened, what harm it caused, identify the skill the student needs, make a plan to help the student, and continue to build the relationship between the student and teacher.

At Kennedy Middle School…It is never okay to be disruptive! It is never okay to be hurtful.


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