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​Dear Parents and Students,

Whether you are a returning Eagle or are new to Eisenhower, the EMS PTO and Booster Club would like to welcome you  another great year at Eisenhower Middle School! 

The Eisenhower PTO/Booster Club is here to support our students, their families and our staff. As you may know, the middle school years are a time of transition for everyone. Getting information and staying in tune to what is happening during this time is crucial, but you may not know how or where to find the information you need. We hope that we will be able to provide you with the tools you need to stay informed and also involved in your student’s success. 

The terrific staff at Eisenhower is both committed to the academic success of its student body as well as playing an integral role in supporting our PTO and Booster Club. Members of the EMS Staff are regularly “pitching in” to help at sporting events as well as attending EMS PTO and Booster Club meetings. Over the past few years, the EMS PTO and Booster Club has had tremendous parent support and we feel that this year will be no exception. This coming year in particular we will be needing even more help including volunteers who may have some time to give during the school day or after school. With ever increasing budget constraints we will need to be even more creative to provide support our students need for the best possible educational experience.

One of our goals is to continue to keep parents informed through Email as well as other communications. In turn, we strive for more of our parents to be involved in your child’s middle school experience. There is enough room for everyone!  If you would like to receive E-mail updates or you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us at: ​​​

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