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 Quantum mechanics and Periodic Trends

​Chapter 6 Electron configurations and Energy Changes.

​Videos:   How Quantum Mechanics Contributes to Our Understandin of Atomic Structure
               Orbitals graphics​           How orbitals fill up in an atom              Electron configurations     
               Quantum numbers     ​    Quantum Numbers Tutorial                                            

Chapter 7 Periodic Trends 

Videos on Periodic Trends:                                                       Interactive Tutorial: 

Atomic Radius                                                                             Tutorial on Periodic Trends

Ionization Energy


More Tutorials 

What element has the ​largest atomic radius?

Why do elements size decrease as you go across a period?

What is electronegativity?


Handout and Worksheets

Periodic Trends and the Octet rulePeriodic Trends and the Octet rule.pdf           



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