Compounds are created when two atoms combine.  Two basic types of compounds exist, ionic and covalent.  Ionic compounds are created when oppositely charged ions (the cation and anions) come together.  Covalent compounds are created when two nonmetals share the same outer (valence) electrons. These compounds are created in different ways and they are named differently as well.


Formulas and Names.pdfFormulas and Names.pdf

Determining middle names.pdfDetermining middle names.pdf

Determining middle names by their charges.pdfDetermining middle names by their charges.pdf

Study Guide for Honors Chemistry over Bonding,Lewis Dot Structure, and Mass of a Cpd:HCT Study guide on Bonding and Structures.docxHCT Study guide on Bonding and Structures.docx

Study guide for Regular Chemistry test over formulas , naming, and Mass of Cpd:RCT review formulas and nomenclature.docxRCT review formulas and nomenclature.docx

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