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 Chemical and Physical Properties of Matter

​​ Unit One: Chapter 1 and 2 ​Intro to Chemistry  Essential Questions ​
1) What is chemistry and why is it labeled a physical science?
2) Why should you study chemistry?
3) What is science and how do scientists solve problems?

​​Handouts/Notes:                                                                                              Labs
Pure vs. Applied Science.pdfPure vs. Applied Science                                                Changes lab.pdfChanges lab

lab format.pdfLab format                                                                    gak lab.pdfgak lab

Lab Safety.pdfLab Safety                                                                               Power Point

Getting to know your Periodic Table.pdfGetting to know your Periodic Table                          Ch1matter.pptxCh1matter

Def of Chem. Physical Properties.pdfDef of Chem. Physical Properties                             

Study Guide
  Chapter 1 and 2 Study Guide.pdfChapter 1 and 2 Study Guide




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