Balancing Equations

Reactants –> Products
  1. I.D. the most complex compound in the reaction.
  2. Place a coefficient of 1 or 2 in front. ( 2 works best with odd numbered subscripts)
  3. Count the atoms of each element in that compound. (Multiply the coefficient by the subscript)
  4. “Balance” with the other side by providing the appropriate coefficients so that each element has the same # on both sides of the arrow.
Step #3 Practice:
Count the atoms in the following cpds, when given the coefficient in front of each. Multiply the coefficient by the subscript…..

3     CaCO3                                                 2   Fe3N2

3 Ca, 3 C, 9 O  
                                       6 Fe, 4 N

4   Al (CN)3                                              1    Ca3(PO3)2

4 Al, 12 C, 12 N  
                                    3 Ca, 2 P, 6 O

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