AP Chemistry Units

​ ​Interactive Review:  Foundational skills
AP Unit Review Activities:  Tutorials to help with AP topics
Homework: Posted in Google Classroom

​Unit One: Classification and Structure of matter... 
Ch. 1 and 2:   Study guides/Handouts/Pwr Points
Unit Two:  Chemical Reactions
Ch. 3:    Study guides/Handouts/Pwr Points
Ch. 4: Study Guide/Handouts/Pwr Points
Unit Three:  Thermochemistry
Ch. 5:   Study Guides/Handouts/Pwr Points
Unit Four:  Atomic Theory and Periodic Trends
Ch. 6 and 7: Study guides/Handouts/Pwr Points
Unit Five:  Bonding and Molecular Geometries
Ch. 8 and 9: Study Guides/Handouts/Pwr Points
Unit Six:  Gas Laws
Ch. 10:   Study Guides/Handouts/Power Points

Unit Seven: Intermolecular Forces of Attraction
Ch 11 Study Guides/Handouts/Power Points 
Unit Eight:  Chemical Kinetics and Chemical Equilibrium
Ch. 14 and 15: Study Guides/Handouts/Pwr Points​

Unit Nine:   Acid Base Chemistry
Ch. 16 and 17: Study Guides/Handouts/Pwr Points​

Unit Ten:   Redox

AP Tutorials
Interactive review Exercises

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