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​​​Welcome to Guilford's Literacy home page! At Guilford High School we have 3 goals for all of our students.

  • Goal #1:  Improve overall levels of reading proficiency. To succeed in the world after school, adolescents must leave high school with higher levels of reading proficiency than they are currently attaining.
  • Goal #2: Ensure that all students make at least expected yearly growth in reading ability each school year. Students who enter middle school reading at grade level need to learn many new skills and acquire extensive knowledge in order to meet grade-level standards at the end of high school. 
  • Goal #3:  Accelerate struggling readers’ development. Instruction for struggling readers must produce substantially more than one year’s growth in reading ability for each year of instruction. Unless struggling readers receive instruction this powerful for as long as they need it, their ability to learn from grade-level text will remain impaired ( ​​
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