The mission of the high school libraries is to assist students in their research in respective disciplines. Through on-going teaching in the use of electronic and paper resources we endeavor to meet the needs of our students, and hopefully, the skills they will have used in the library at Guilford will translate well for them in academia, on the job or in their personal research.​​​​

When coming to the Guilford Library, students must wear their GHS identification cards and continue to wear them throughout the school day.  IDs are required when visiting, borrowing books and using any of the 40 DELL computers and  printers.  

Library hours on school days are from 8 am - 4:30 pm, closing on Friday’s at  3:30.  Before-School-tutoring begins at 8:30 and runs throughout Zero hour.  After-School-Tutoring begins at 3:40 until 4:30.  Before and After School Tutoring is a program offered to  students that need academic help.  The library is available for students to study, do homework, and use the library  computers for academic purposes only.​                

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