Health Academy

​HS Academy: Health Sciences​

Mission Statement: The Health Academy promotes collaborative engagement of students for future health professionals.

Vision Statement:  The Health Academy's vision is to foster a climate of growth and development for all members of the academy; to encourage students to take ownership and pride of their learning as they develop skills to be well rounded stakeholders in health professions.

Motto:  Caring and compassionate. Always.

Fitness and Wellness Pathway

Careers providing support and services to other to promote healthy living and a higher quality of life by providing education and experiences relating to fitness, nutrition, illness prevention, and recovery from injury or illness.​

Medical and Health Sciences Pathway
Healing others through the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease and injuries.

Ms. Katie Newhouse
​Academy Principal
​Ms. Pauley
​Counselor A-V
​Ms. Grygiel
​Counselor W-Z
​Ms. Stacie Vanderheyden
​Academic Achievement Specialist

Mr. ​Adams


​Mr. Beverly​​
​Ms. Chycota​
​Mr. Cox​
​Ms. Daval​Health/Ex.
​Ms. Grune​
​Ms. Guthrie​​
​Mr. Huetson​Health/PE​
​Mr. Mrizek​Social
​Ms. Nimmo​
​Mr. Spears​Special
Mr. ​Tews​Health
​Mr. Ulven​Special Education​
​Ms. Woosley
Mr. ​Martinetti​
​Ms​. Magee​Career Academy​


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