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Health Sciences Word Cloud 

Fitness and Wellness Pathway

Careers providing support and services to other to promote healthy living and a higher quality of life by providing education and experiences relating to fitness, nutrition, illness prevention, and recovery from injury or illness.​

Health Care Associate's Pathway 
Providing direct or indirect care for patients through planning, managing, and providing therapeutic services, diagnostic services, and business operations and support.

Medical and Health Sciences Pathway
Healing others through the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease and injuries.

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​Mr. Beverly​MathRyan.Beverly@rps205.com​
​Ms. Chycota​Sciencejennifer.chycota@rps205.com
​Mr. Cox​Sciencejohn.cox@rps205.com
​Ms. Daval​Health/Ex. ScienceAmirah.Daval@rps205.com
​Ms. Grune​Englishcarolyn.grune@rps205.com
​Ms. Guthrie​​SPEDguthriem@rps205.com
​Mr. Huetson​Health/PE​Kevin.Huetson@rps205.com
Ms. KliebeMathjacqueline.kliebe@rps205.com
​Mr. Mrizek​Social Studiesmrizeks@rps205.com
​Ms. Nimmo​Mathdawn.nimmo@rps205.com
​Mr. Spears​Special Educationryan.spears@rps205.com
Mr. ​Tews​Health Occupationjeremiah.tews@rps205.com
​Mr. Ulven​Special Education​timothy.ulven@rps205.com
​Ms. Westaby​Healthbrittni.westaby@rps205.com
Mr. ​Martinetti​SILEdean.martinetti@rps205.com
​Ms​. Magee​Career Academy Coachmailto:chris.magee@rps205.com​


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