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Guilford Freshman Word Cloud

Staff Pledge​

We pledge to do our personal best to help you earn your high school diploma. We will do our best to help you achieve academic success. We will prepare you for post-secondary education by helping you develop a purpose and a plan for your future. We are committed to helping you graduate from Guilford High School in 2022.

​​Student Commitment to Graduate

I pledge to do my personal best to earn my high school diploma. I will work hard and do what is needed to achieve academic success. My goal is to graduate from high school with a purpose and a plan; ready for post-secondary education or a career. I am committed to graduating from Guilford High School in 2022!

​Ms. Avery
​Ms. Bowers
​Social Studies
Mrs. Brausen​​Special
​Mr. Capriotti​
​Mr. Diduch​Social
​Ms. Gahan​Social Studies
​Mr. Glim​Social
​Ms. Hemesath
​Ms. Huels​
​Ms. LojanicaSocial
​Ms. Makosh
​Ms. Morris de Hernandez​
​Mr. Mueller​
​Ms. Nimmo
Mr. PrimroseSpecial
​Ms. Robertson​
​Ms. Skelcy​
​Mr. Swart​
​Mr. Syed
​Ms. White
​Mr. Yerk​
​Ms. MageeCareer ​​​Academy​



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