Business Academy

Business Academy: Business, Arts, Modern World Languages, and Information Technology​

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Business Pathway
Planning, organizing, directing, and controlling business operations.  Those who work in this field have to use a broad range of ideas and practices to maintain and grow their business through management of materials, equipment, workers and other financial resources.

Accounting/Financing Pathway
Using systems and skills to keep the financial records of a business or individual.

Graphic Design/Media Production Pathway
Creating visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers.

Modern World Languages and Communications Pathway
Exchanging information among individuals or groups through written documents, spoken word, or behaviors to increase awareness and understanding.

Information Technology Pathway
Designing, developing, applying, implementing, supporting or managing computer-based information systems.

Studio Arts Pathway

Creating visual arts, painting, photography, printmaking, sculptures, film/video, and more.​

Ms. Abedrabo
​Ms AustinArt
​Mr. Benning​Special
​Mr. Bingley​
​Mr. Blackwell
​Mr. BrabeckBand
​Mr. Coulter​Special Education/Business
​Mr. Czerwin​
​Ms. DollArt
​Mr. Elston
Social Studies
​Mr. Ewert
​Mr. Fabert-Church
​Mr. Garnhart
​Special Education
​Ms. Guido
Mr. ​Hammarberg
Graphic Design
​Ms. Jemison​Special Education/PLUS
​Mr. Lynch​
Mr. ​Maier​Social
​Ms. Mase
​Ms. Montgomery​Spanish
​Ms. Polak​
​Ms. Riemer​
​Mr. RiportellaBusiness
​Ms. Robles​
​Mr. Rush
​Drivers Ed
​Mr. Vanderheyden
Ms. VeronaTech Theater
Ms. Wolf Theater/Acting
​Ms. MageeCareer ​Academy​
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