Welcome to the Production Academy page.  The production Academy prepares students for college and career programs in manufacturing, engineering ​​, and industrial trades.  Students in this academy are provided opportunities to participate in hands-on classes that prepare them for numerous fast paced fields.  Students in the Production Academy also have opportunities to visit area companies and see first-hand the skills needed to perform a variety of jobs, as well as participate in events like Manufacturing Day.  Throughout the year students will be able to showcase their talents through community based projects like Bridge Building and the Annual Cardboard Canoe Races held at Levings Lake.  We look forward to working with your student and going on this educational journey with them. 

Production Academy Staff

Matthew Bennett-Principal

Adrianne Robertson-Counselor

Erica Truitt- Counselor

Dana Loner- Office Professional-

Teaching Staff

Mary Diduch (Team Lead)

Bruce Kramer (Team Lead)

Juliun Austin

Chad Anderson

Jeff Compton

Jeff Matzl

Nina Baldwin

Bessie Swan

John Zuba

Greg Effler

Alan Hunter

Slavi Bonev

Dan Vermeis

Scott Greenfield

Jessie Freiheit

Greg Fiorucci

Melissa Lawson

Building Academy Coach

William Rose













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