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Poinsettia Sale

The bands/orchestra/jazz ensemble are selling poinsettias again as a fund raiser. The plants are $12 each and they are full of blooms and look really nice. If you would like to purchase one, you can reach out to a student or if that isn't an option, you can email me ( ) and I will make sure you get on an order. You can pay the bookkeeper (Robert Mullen) with cash or check and either email or put the receipt in my mailbox or bring it to my room. We are selling up to Nov. 26. The plants will be here December 6 for my holiday concert, which everyone is invited to! You can take your plant home at the conclusion of the concert.

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Jazz Band Cabaret, November 2

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 Millikin Vocal Festival Reps

Millikin Festival 2018.png
 Please join me in congratulating Jamia Goode, Lenijah Smith, Noah Herrmann,
Emma Mork, Garrett Bailey and Nadia Shilling on successfully auditioning and
being accepted to represent Auburn at the Millikin Vocal Festival this weekend.



We Are the World Concert

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IHSA​ Solo & Ensemble 2018 Contest Winners:​

1st Division  Flute Ensemble   Daisy Soberanis, Heidy Nunez, Najma Reid

2nd Division  Mixed Wind Ensemble  Grace Hunt, Sophia Lemonholm

2nd Division  String Ensemble  Anna Sarpiya, Samantha Johnson

1st Division  String Ensemble  Daniel Eischen, Samantha Hall, Samantha Johnson, Tanya Medina, Venessa Schoensiegel

2nd Division  String Ensemble  Bailey Reed, Grace Knott, John Lilly, Vanessa Schoensiegel

1st Division  String Ensemble  Bailey Reed, Grace Knott

1st Division  String Ensemble  Bella Wood, Lilli McQueeny

1st Division  String Ensemble  Ava Parr, Bailey Reed, Grace Knott, Tanya Medina

1st Division Female Vocal Ensemble  Carolina Gonzales, Marizeliz Nieves-Cruz

1st Division Female Vocal Ensemble  Emily Calgaro, Veronika Bienvenu-Neville

1st Division  Female Vocal Ensemble  Emma Mork, Erin Garner

1st Division  Female Vocal Ensemble  Cassidy Mentzel, Natalie Rundblade

2nd Division  Female Vocal Ensemble  Denise Cardenas, Janelle Solis, Naomi Solis-Campos

1st Division  Female Vocal Ensemble  Haley Lameyer, Sophia Vanerio

1st Division  Piano  Ivory Frye  

1st Division  Violin  David Stim

2nd Division  Violin  Anna Sarpiya  

1st Division  Voice  Marizeliz Nieves-Cruz

2nd Division  Voice  Ivory Frye

1st Division  Voice  Kelsey Powell

1st Division  Voice  Veronika Bienvenu-Neville

1st Division  Voice   Erin Garner

1st Division  Voice  Lenijah Smith

1st Division  Voice  Shealyn Eads

1st Division  Voice   Cassidy Mentzel

1st Division  Voice  Emma Garner

2nd Division Voice  Winter Romeo

1st Division  Voice  Natalie Rundblade

2nd Division  Voice  Celestine Webster

1st Division  Voice  Autumn Dancy

2nd Division  Voice  Samantha Johnson

2nd Division Voice  Brea Walters

1st Division  Voice  Garrett Bailey


The contest was held in Stockton, Il.  Auburn's medal totals were 44 1st Division and 17 2nd Divisions!

Instrumental Music Calendar

Olson Calendar 2017-18.doc

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The Auburn Orchestra and CAPA West Orchestra are moving forward with performing a joint concert in May. The West students will travel to Auburn Thursday May 10 for the concert in Auburn's theater. Both groups will perform their own pieces and one piece together

 All​ State Jazz Festival

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Bass player Lucas Lemonholm (standing behind the piano)




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