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 Auburn School Counseling Department

The school counseling department provides a comprehensive counseling program focusing on the academic, social/emotional, and post-secondary needs of all of our students. Students reach their individual success through individual counseling, academic support, crisis prevention and intervention, post-secondary planning, and student/family advocacy

Academy Counselors

​Jennifer Charles
​​Email to schedule appointment
​Indira Betts
​Stop by HS office to make appointment
​Paige Campbell
Click here to sign up for an appointment
​Christa Friend
Click here to sign up for an appointment
​Morgan Hatch
​​Email to schedule appointment
CAPA & Gifted (9)
​George St. John
​​Email to schedule appointment
GIFTED (10-12)
​Dan Appino
​​Email to schedule appointment
​CAPA (10-12)
​Tiffani Weatherly
​​Email to schedule appointment

2020-2021 School Year

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March 2020 AHS Student Support
Parents' Guide to Google Classroom
Support Your Child's Virtual Learning

Credit Recovery​​​

College and Career Readiness  

NCAA Initial Understanding
NCAA Eligibility Requirements

Financial Aid
 FAFSA Website
Financial Aid Tips 2018-2019
Financial Aid for Undocument Students
5 Steps to Paying for College
12 Common FAFSA Mistakes (ED.Gov)

Free Practice Tests
Collegeboard Free Practice Test

2019-2020 Scholarships.pdf
Scholarships 2019-2020.pdf


Order Credentials from Parchment

Additional College Resources
Common App
College Matchmaker

​​​Student College Resume (Sample).pdf
NASA Internship Opportunity.pdf
University Foreign Language Requirements.pdf
College Admission Definitions.pdf
12 Reasons to Stay in Illinois.pdf

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