Homework Policy

​​​Homework is an important opportunity for students to practice  and reinforce the concepts that we are working on during the school day. Generally, homework packets will be distributed on Mondays and will be due on Thursdays.  During weeks when there is no school on Mondays, homework will be distributed on Tuesdays and will be due on Fridays.  In addition to the homework packets, students will be responsible for reading for 20 minutes each night, practicing spelling words, and practicing math facts for 10 minutes each night.  Parents will be responsible for signing a homework log, verifying that the students have completed this additional homework each night. If students fail to complete any assigned homework, they may be asked to complete any unfinished work during lunch detention.  If there is ever a situation which prevents your student from being able to complete his or her homework, please email me or write me a note and send it to school with your student.  My email address is:  sheila.zerouali@rps205.com.

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