School and Classroom Goals

​​Staff and students of Kishwaukee school work diligently to strive and achieve greatness every day. One of the methods that Kishwaukee uses is creating goals and action plans for how we can accomplish those goals. ​​Mrs. Kasper, teachers, and students all participate in setting goals. Below are the goals for Kishwaukee Elementary School created by the staff.

Kishwaukee Elementary School Goals


By grade level, 50% of Kishwaukee students will meet or exceed their MAP Reading projected growth goal between the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 test. 


​​​Every classroom also has reading ​(literacy) and math goals. The classroom goals are directly related to the schoolwide goals. ​​

​Ms. Martin's Classroom Goals in Literacy and Math:​

Every (100%) student will meet or exceed their MAP Reading and Math growth goals by Spring 2018 MAP test.​​

Students create action plans on how they will meet their MAP growth goals. They self-monitor whether they are doing their action plan or not for two weeks. After two weeks, students must self-reflect on how they think it went. From there, they conference with​ me. We determine whether students should keep their action plan, adjust it, or create a new one. Then the next two week cycle begins. 

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