Our Beliefs

​​​​Each year the students work together to develop a "Belief Statement".  This Belief Statement is meant to help students share how they want the classroom to function and "feel".  We recite this statement together every morning in order to start our days on the right track and focused on our learning.  Here is what we came up with this year.  The students love to "rap" it. They are currently working on mastering the chant so we can record it. A few of the students also want to add dance steps to it. ​​ 

Ms. Martin’s 5th grade class beliefs
Sit back, relax, and listen to our motif
The great leaders we hope to be some day
Are determined by the choices we make today
We challenge ourselves, we set the bar high
There’s no stopping us from reaching the sky
We care about each other; we feel for your pain
We’re going to help you get back on your feet again -​
Great examples are what we wanna be:​
The poster children of KISHWAUKEE !!!!!

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