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​As a parent, you are your child's first and most important teacher. When parents and families are involved in their children's schools, the children do better and have better feelings about going to school. In fact, many studies show that what the family does is more important to a child's school success than how much money the family makes or how much education the parents have. There are many ways that parents can support their children's learning at home and throughout the school year. Here are some ideas to get you started!

  1. Meet your child's teacher.  Let the teacher know your concerns.

2. Get to know who's who at your child's school.

3. Attend parent-teacher conferences and keep in touch with your child's teacher.

4. Make sure that your child gets homework done.  

5. Read with your child or listen to your child read.  

6. Find homework help for your child if needed.

7. Volunteer at your child's school and/or join your school's parent-teacher group.

8. Demonstrate a positive attitude about education to your children.

9. Monitor your child's television, video game, and Internet use.

10. Talk with your child.


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