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​​How can you get the most out of kindergarten?​

​​​​​​​Read every Day!​​ Here are free ways to get books to read at home every day.​

  • Raz-Kids​​ - Download the free and use the login information I gave to you.
  • ​​Rockford Public Library - Check out up to 50 books!
  • Bedtime Math​ - Download the free app, read a short story to your​ child every, and talk about connected math problems.
  • My classroom Book Bags - I send home 6 books home every week in a labeled gallon size plastic bag. As students start to read, and move up in ability, I will try to match the books to their reading level. Send the bags back to school every Monday to receive 6 more books.  

Student Portfolios on Seesaw​​​

Seesaw is a free app that you can download on your phone or tablet.​ ​​​I use Seesaw for communication, classroom pictures, parent teacher conferences, and as an online portfolio. This website help​s me document student grow throughout the school ​​​year. Parents are able to log into Seesaw to view their child's work, comment about specific work, and ask question​s as any time. 

Hillman Clip​ Chart

​If you click on the link above you will see the chart that we use at Hillman School. Red is at the top and pink is at the bottom. The color at the end of the day lets parents know how their day was over all. If a child is at yellow, orange, or red they had a wonderful day. If they are on any other color ask them why they think they ended up on that color. I will send a short message if your child ended the day on anything lower than green. 

Library Boo​ks

​We have library time every ​​Wednesday at school. Students are allowed to check out one book as long as they have turned in their previous one.  Please make sure students have their library book back at school every Monday.

Social Emotional Program​

"To make the big transition to elementary school, kids need to learn new skills, such as how to control impulses, stay focused, and follow rules. The research-based Second Step program helps teachers give students the skills and confidence they need to adjust to a full day of learning. Kids are captivated by the colorful Second Step lesson cards, interactive songs, games, and especially beloved puppets Puppy and Snail and plush Be-Calm Bunny."​ -cfc​

Book Or​d​e​rs​

I will be sending home Scholastic book orders throughout the year. The book orders have great selections of high interest book for kindergarteners. The easiest way to purchase books is to log onto the website and order the books online. My online code is MLXZ9​. I am always spending the points you earn for me​ to put new books in my library.​​

​Running Shoes

Please make sure your child has running shoes for gym class and recess every day. Students have gym twice a week, and it lands on different days each​ week. During winter I have students change out of their snow boots every day. Please practice tying shoes at home daily​!

​Reading Log

​We use a monthly reading log at Hillman. It is placed in student folders on the 1st of the month, and it should be sent back to school on the last day of the month. Students who turn these in win rewards, and we are able to track how many people at Hillman read daily at Hillman School. 


Birthdays are exciting for kindergarteners.​​​ If you choose to bring a treat bring it to the office before school or before 10:00. The office will bring it to the cafateria and distribute the treat. All treats have to be store bought.​

Websites For Learning:​ (Reading Horizons and Reading A-Z are paid subscriptions by the school) ​

Raz-Kids​ - This website contains books that students can read to themselves. It has multiple choice questions for each book. Ask me for your child's login information to login at home. 

Reading Horizons​ - You can use the link to access the website. You can also download their 4 apps on your phone or tablet. This program teaches students how to read. It corresponds with lessons that I teach in class. Students are suppose to practice phonics daily on the computer. 

StarFall - ​Starfall teaches students how to read with phonics. 

Turtle Diary - Turtle Diary contains interactive online games for kids.

ABCya​ - ​ABCya contains online games for kids in K-5 sorted by grade level​.

Bedtime Math​ - "Our mission: to make math a fun part of kids' everyday lives. We all know it's wonderful to read bedtime stories to kids, but what about doing math?​"

Seussville - ​This is Dr. Seuss's website.

Xtramath - This website helps students learn mental math. In kindergarten we focus on adding and subtracticing single digit numbers. 

GoNoodle​ - ​GoNoodle is a website that gets students learning and moving. I use this website in my classroom daily. 

Youtube​ - ​Youtube has an endless supply of songs and videos for kindergarteners to learn from.​​​​

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