Sight Words and Spelling Lists

​​​                                                                                                                    10/6/2014                                                                                 

Dear Parents/Guardians,

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  This week we will be starting to send home Spelling Lists and Sight Word Lists. Both lists will be located in your student's homework folder.

Spelling Lists:

Spelling lists will be given each week on Monday. Students need to practice both writing and saying the words. The test is given orally, which means that the students hear the word and must write it down. We will take a pretest on Monday and a post test on Friday. If a student receives a 100% on the pretest they will not be required to take the post test. Additionally, they will be allowed to have computer time as a reward. I will write the score in their planners weekly; this score can also be found online on your parent access website. If a student receives a 100%, they will have a yellow Spelling Super Star certificate in their planner in lieu of the score.

Sight Words:

At the beginning of the year each student is tested individually on their ability to recall the first 300 sight words. Your student's sight word list can be found in their homework folder, behind the homework help pages. Each week the students will practice 20 words. Please do not remove this list from the plastic page protector!

Every student begins on a different "level" due to their ability. Please note that these levels are based off of the testing done at the beginning of this year. If the student missed 2 or more words in a column during testing they must begin practicing at that column. Also be aware that students must be able to say the word immediately (2-3 seconds after seeing it) without having to sound the word out.

Sight words will be tested on Thursdays only. If a student does not bring their homework folder on Thursday with the list, they will have to repeat that list for the upcoming week (unless there is an excused absence or reason). If the student passed the list on Thursday, you will see a note on the list showing that the list has been completed and where to begin practicing for the next week.

Students who have completed 300 sight words will ​receive a certificate and recognition, towards the end of the school year. Students who have diligently worked on learning more than the 300 sight words will receive an additional certificate and recognition.

Thank you for supporting what we do in the classroom!

                              Mrs. Samantha Saunders         owl cartoon drawing          

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