Westward Expansion Report


You will prepare a thorough report, with a minimum of three types of resources. You will give an oral presentation, which includes a visual element. For example, during the presentation you may dress up as a character from your event and role play the presentation. You may wish to present using PowerPoint or Google Slides.  In addition, you will be prepared to answer questions from the audience.


 Follow the outline below to complete your assignment.

I. Chose and outline a topic

    1. Choose a topic.  The topic auction will be held the week of 13 April 2015.

    2. What do you already know about this subject?

    3. What is it you need to find out (trail information / maps, people involved, wagons and supplies, material costs, opportunity costs, hardships, discoveries, fate of the journey, etc., impact of the legislation, legacy of actions). 

    4. Prior to researching, make a list of questions you need to answer about your topic.

    5. Your report needs an introduction, a minimum of three main ideas, and a conclusion

II. Research your topic.

    1. Check your home. Do you have any books or magazines about this subject?

    2. Check the public library. Look for books and magazines.

    3. Look for the topic on the Internet.

    4. Talk to people who can help.

Resources are due 24 April 2015.


III. Take notes.

    1. Take notes on bibliography cards. Paraphrase and use your own words. Number your cards.

    2. Sort your note cards into groups, with each group representing a main idea.

    3. Prepare an outline of your report to include this information.

Cards and outlines and are due 6 May 2015.

Westward Expansion Report Outline Sample.pdf

 IV. Write a first draft.

    1. Write a section for each main idea.

    2. Write an introduction that draws the reader into your writing.

    3. Write a conclusion that summarizes your main points or states why this event was important in American history.

First draft i​s due 15 May 2015.

V. Revise and edit.

Questions to ask yourself:

    1. Did I find answers to the questions I had about my topic?

    2. Does my report read smoothly?

    3. Are there parts I should change around?

    4. Did I leave anything out?

    5. Are words spelled correctly?

    6. Did I use proper capitalization and punctuation? 

​VI. Final report

  1. Your final draft should be word processed or hand written in ink.

  2. You should include a cover page and a works cited list (bibliography).  ​

VII. Oral presentation

  1. Prepare note cards and study them so you can give a presentation without reading it.

  2. Make some kind of visual aid that will help with your report: a poster, a large map or timeline, a video, or PowerPoint presentation.

  3. You may dress up like a character from your event and deliver the report from that character's point of view

Final reports and presentations are due 26 May 2015. 
Presentations will begin that day. 


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