Explorer Presentation

​Your group will give an oral presentation, which includes a visual aid.  You and your group and will dress up as a historical figure from your event.

Follow the outline below to complete your assignment.

I. Chose and prepare an exploration

  1. Choose an explorer that interests your group.
  2. Choose what role each group member will play.
  3. What do you already know about this explorer?
  4. What is it you need to find out (expedition information / maps, people involved, ship and supplies, material costs, opportunity costs, hardships, discoveries, fate of the journey, etc.) 
Make a list of questions you need to answer about your topic.

Deadline Passed

II. Research your topic.
  1. Check your home. Do you have any books or magazines about this subject?
  2. Check the public library. Look for books and magazines.
  3. Look for the topic on the Internet.
  4. Talk to people who can help.
Prepare bibliography cards.

Deadline ​Passed​

​III. Take notes.

  1. Take notes on the bibliography cards. Paraphrase and use your own words. Number your cards.
  2. Sort your note cards into groups, with each group representing a main idea.
prepare an outline of presentation using this information.

Deadline Passed

VII. Oral presentation

  1. Use your outline and note cards to practice your presentation without reading it.
  2. Make some kind of visual aid that will help with your presentation: a poster, a large map or a timeline.
  3. Dress up like figures from your event and deliver the presentation from the characters' point of view.

    Oral presentations are due and will begin 26 January 2015


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