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Students have 17 spelling words each week.  

  • 12 are words which help teach a phonics skill and, 
  • 5 are high frequency - sight words.  We take a pre-test on Mondays and a regular test on Fridays.  
  • There are 5 challenge words - Students must demonstrate understanding of word definitions and usage.  
  • Students who spell all 17 words correctly and successfully complete the challenge receive a grade of '4'.


Those who get all of the words right on the test receive a grade of 3 or better do not have to practice their words in class during the week.  They are allowed to play spelling games instead.


Spelling Lists:


List 10.Halloween.pdfList 19.Consonant_le.pdf
List 11.Long a.pdf
List 12.Long e.pdf​​
​​List 13.Thanksgiving    
List 14.Long O.pdf
List 15.Compound      
List 16.Christmas
List 17.Long i.pdf
List 18. comparative     

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