STAR Reader and Reading Logs​

​​​​STAR Reader and Reading Logs​


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The STAR Reader program rewards children for consistently reading throughout the school year with a trip to Volcano Falls in the spring.  If students turn in their Reading Logs with a total of 80 minutes or more each week and do not miss turning in a Reading Log during the school year, they earn the field trip.

Students are expected to read at home for 20 minutes Monday - Thursday (at the very least).  A Reading Log will go home on Fridays to help them keep track.  A Comprehension Prompt will go home when we begin a new skill. It will contain information about the skill and questions for parents to ask after the child completes his/ her reading minutes.  Children must turn in the Log every Friday.  There are no exceptions.

Parents should:

1.  Keep track of their child's reading minutes on the Reading Log inside of the Assignment Notebook.

2.  Ask your child one or two questions about his/ her reading.

3.  Initial the Reading Log nightly at the end of the session.​

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