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We are working hard on identifying and performing quarter notes, eighth notes (beamed together, which means two eighth notes=one quarter note), and quarter rests in 4 beat patterns.


Each symbol or pairing of symbols are worth one beat each. Here are what they look like:


quarter note:  quarter note   eighth notes (beamed) Beamed Eighth Notes

quarter rest   Quarter Rest 

four two-beamed sixteenth notes



Please practice making four-part rhythmic patterns by clapping rhythms with the quarter and eighth notes, and by doing a "two hand shoulder touch" for quarter rests.


When clapping the notes and rests, sounds can be made with these music symbols as well! Here's how you say them as you clap themquarter note= Ta      Beamed Eighth Notes= Ti-ti (tee-tee)  Quarter Restrest (shoulder tap)


ti-ki-ti-ki (tee-kee-tee-kee)=



How many different 4 beat rhythms can you make? Try it and have fun together!


​​ All 3rd through 5th graders, as well as their parents/guardians are welcome to use this music study guide in order to help them with any activity, quiz or test they may have in music throughout the year!

Music Study Guide.pdf

Music Symbol Review Sheet.pdf




All trimester newsletters​ will be available here on the Quick Notes page of Mr. Bolden's website! Enjoy! 


Cherry Valley Trimester 1 Newsletter 2018-2019.pdf

 Cherry Valley Trimester 2 Newsletter 2018-2019.pdf





For those interested in participating with the Fairhaven Retirement Concert on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 3:30pm at Fairhaven, feel free to print a copy of the permission slip form below:

 Cherry Valley Retirement Home Performance Permission Slip Update 2018-2019.pdf






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