Music Performances and Events


Thank you to everyone in the community for supporting our music and fine arts at Cherry Valley Elementary!


Keep your eyes open in both the "Music Performances and Events" page, as well as the "Quick Notes" page of my website for Newsletters at the end of every trimester which will contain all of the wonderful things we are doing and learning about this year in music!

Please note that any performances and events below which would take place within one month before the event will be highlighted in blue:


At the very least, audio recordings may be available on this website of the wonderful effort of the students in some way in lieu of live performances if any future performances do not take place. The students have worked hard, and I want to make sure their lights shine by showcasing them in some way!


 Please enjoy some fun winter selections to celebrate the winter season by some of our first graders!!!​

Skating Vocal Audio.m4a

Snowman Vocal Audio.m4a


In lieu of the concerts in April and May, please enjoy these audio recording selections from our Kindergarten through 5th graders which will be available to listen to when uploaded below:

We Are The World.m4a

When I Believe.m4a


 Thank you to those who participated with the Fairhaven Retirement Center Performance! Lights were shined by all who participated and attended! Way to go out and represent our school and city community!

 Please feel free​ to continue enjoy ​​songs to practice and enjoy at home until the rescheduled concert has concluded and/or they are removed from the website! 
Please keep in mind the following:
1. All songs are for educational purposes, and they are just plain fun!
2. Due to audio file setup and protection, a PC or laptop will only be able to access the audio files. Thank you for your understanding.​
3. All songs are for rehearsal/practice/performance​ use, and are to remain on this website unless used for a performance/special event by the music instructor. All songs will be removed after their purposed events.
4. To honor and respect cultures, beliefs, etc., your child/children may be allowed to sing, quietly stand or sit and/or use instrumentation (discretion based upon limitation/prior notice by instructor with instrumentation for concert) on certain songs. Remember, while being respectful, it's about a wonderful experience for our kids and community together!
5. As with any song, p​ractice, practice, practice outside of school and have fun!


Again, we thank you for supporting The Arts at Cherry Valley Elementary!




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